Are you a Real Porn Collector or just another casual porn fan?

These days porn videos are easier to find than ever, thanks to a bunch of huge tube sites that pump out small low-resolution clip from quality porn producers. You can always find fresh short vids that last a few minutes and if you squint it actually looks pretty good on a small screen. However, if you are a real Porn Collector you are well aware that there is so much more to be gained from porn downloads – especially with new 4K video resolutions now starting to become available. Simply put: streaming porn really sucks!

If you have been streaming smut from tube sites and paysite member areas, here are a few things you might not have considered that often become the difference between porn you can watch for a while and porn you can truly enjoy forever:

Hard Drives Are Crazy Cheap These Days

Back in the day there was a downside to downloading porn because disc space cost so much, but these days everyone is carrying around 100+ GB of space on a mobile phone and a 2 or 3 terabit hard drive can be purchased for pennies – so you can save hundreds of hours of the highest quality sex videos at a very low price point. With no downside to porn downloading, it makes you wonder why anyone would settle for XXX streaming only access.

Downloaded Videos Can’t Be Taken Down

How many times have you tagged a video as one of your favorites and seen it get taken down for whatever reason? How often have you watched a site you joined get bought by someone else or changed around so that the videos you really like aren’t available any longer? Ever been part of a site where they “rotate content” so that some videos go live for a while and then get taken down later before going live again in the future?

Stop allowing site owners to fuck with you that way! Once you download a porn video onto your own hard drive there isn’t a damn thing anyone can do to make you give it back. That’s the difference between renting porn and OWNING PORN!!!

Downloads Are Now Easy To Port To Big Screens and Televisions

When you look at a tiny video streaming on your cellphone it seems OK, but trying sending that video to your flat screen television or imagine how awful it will look on a new 4K-resolution monitor! It’s as easy as plugging in an HDMI capable to watch all your favorite porn on a big screen, but that means you need to have porn worth watching on a big screen… and that always comes down to being about to download porn so it plays smoothly with no hiccups at the highest sizes and fastest bitrates!

You Are Paying for High Quality And Accepting Less Than You Deserve

If you are streaming low quality porn for free, that’s one thing… but if you are paying for a premium membership on a site that won’t let you download the hardcore videos you want to watch whenever you want to watch them – you are paying for more than you are getting!

Downloaded Scenes Can Be Playlisted And Searched or Joined For Custom Sessions

You have dozens of favorite sex videos but if they are all online for streaming you need an active Internet connection to see them and you can only view them the way they already are right now. On the other hand, if you download all of your favorite XXX features you can do a lot more with them! Create your own custom playlists, use simple video joining tools to make your own compilations, tag them so they are easy to find any time with your own set of searchable tags and more. Once you download porn, you finally own it and can control it all completely. That’s when you stop being a casual porn fan, skip being a porn collector and finally have the right to call yourself a real porn download connoisseur!